How Spaceflow helps to get the SmartScore certification

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WiredScore recently released its SmartScore certification to build consensus on what functionalities a smart building offers. Smart buildings do not implement technology for novelty’s sake, rather it’s a tenant-centric view with the purpose of delivering a future-proof building that is more attuned to the needs of tenants. SmartScore is certainly catching on. Big name landlords like Hines, Allianz, and CA Immo have already committed properties within their portfolios to the certification.

SmartScore identified six categories to guide the delivery of an effective smart building. Spaceflow, as a leader in tenant experience tech, has been building an all-in-one technology that fosters a better life in buildings and our platform can help you achieve a SmartScore certification at your property.

1. Individual and collaborative productivity

SmartScore: Create a space that allows individuals to be effective and efficient. Features like automatic visitor check-in, automatic meeting room booking, desk booking and occupancy detection.

Spaceflow: Our clients use our building operating system to combine all tenant needs into one place. Landlords that work with Spaceflow have built-in access to all the tools mentioned above that SmartScore lays out as examples.

Our client Allianz implemented an occupancy monitoring functionality, and you can learn more about our visitor management system here. Putting all these different experience plugins into the same easily accessible mobile app eliminates friction and gives users exactly what they need, when they need it to be as productive and collaborative as possible.

Spaceflow app Kantine

2. Health and Wellbeing

SmartScore: Create safer and healthier working environments via features such as: air quality monitoring, lighting/temperature/ventilation adjustment, cleanliness and maintenance reporting systems.

"With FLOW, the constant information stream makes it easier to quickly address and solve problems like declining air quality before they get out of hand."
James Duong Head of Business Development US, Spaceflow

SpaceflowFLOW does more than just environmental reporting. It also allows you to build a property strategy around the idea that occupiers deserve to live their healthiest lives, at work as well as in their home. With FLOW, the constant information stream makes it easier to quickly address and solve problems like declining air quality before they get out of hand. 

Also, being able to share environmental data with your occupiers is a great way to show them that you really do care about their wellbeing and how they act upon that. This matters throughout the entire duration of their tenancy, and presents a big perk during leasing, as well. And if you’re interested in really helping your occupiers live their best work lives, our community managers can design a wellness program to foster healthy living in your building and support your tenants’ wellness goals.

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3. Community and services

SmartScore: Place community, services and information into the hands of users, creating a sense of community by providing building users with the ability to explore and access external services (like local events and amenities), deliveries, accessibility options and providing a feedback loop to collect and action user suggestions.

Spaceflow: We believe in a tech + human approach to create the best buildings. That is why, from the start, occupiers benefit not only from one-click access to local services and amenities but also best-in-class community managers to deliver an exceptional building experience. Learn more about our community managers work here.

Spaceflow app services

4. Sustainability

SmartScore: Improve and report on the sustainability of the building via energy / water usage tracking, temperature / lighting optimization, waste management, and by providing charging points for electric vehicles.

Spaceflow: One thing we are particularly excited about is our brand-new collaboration with Flowbox, a building digitization solution. Our new FLOW product monitors your building, and your occupiers’ workplaces, for environmental factors such as energy and water consumption, air quality, temperature and lighting and more. As companies find themselves more carefully tracking ESG metrics, keeping these environmental figures close at hand makes every part of the job easier.

Spaceflow app smart consumption

5. Maintenance and Optimization

SmartScore: Optimize the building’s space and systems through more immediate and detailed performance data allowing focused maintenance regimes and more finely tuned system performance.

Spaceflow: As a tenant experience platform, Spaceflow unites easy tenant-landlord communication with dedicated maintenance ticketing functionality. Whether your occupiers are asking for different art on the walls or help with a critical HVAC issue, Spaceflow allows tenants to request service easily and conveniently.

"FLOW helps you to optimize building maintenance by detecting anomalies, eliminating human errors and performing preventive and predictive maintenance that uses AI machine learning principles."
James Duong Head of Business Development US, Spaceflow

Beyond just taking maintenance requests, our dashboard provides building managers with the information they need to help with staffing, like the most frequent issues and time of day for incoming tickets. Spaceflow can tell managers that most tickets tend to come in, for instance, in the afternoon. This can help landlords roll out predictive maintenance efforts, where all hands are kept ready for maintenance calls during the busy part of the day, but are left free for other work in the mornings. Learn more about our ticketing here.

Additionally, FLOW helps gain 360º control of your data with different access points for all roles – owners, asset management, property management, FM supervisors, field workers, space representatives, tenants and occupiers, we’ve got you covered.

FLOW helps you to optimize building maintenance by detecting anomalies, eliminating human errors and performing preventive and predictive maintenance that uses AI machine learning principles. Advanced big data analytics contribute to a reduction of outages and increase of equipment lifetime and energy efficiency.

Spaceflow dashboard smart merering

6. Security

SmartScore: Provide a safer place to work and innovate with more advanced systems such as: building security, access control, fire alarms and compliance management.

Spaceflow: Security is the most fundamental element of what any occupier looks for in space. Even the most beautiful, well-amenitized, and most cost-effective office imaginable wouldn’t be worth it, if it experienced constant trespassing and theft issues.

This is where Spaceflow comes in. Our API can integrate with your security or access providers to ensure that all of your spaces are securely protected 24/7. Spaceflow supports, among other integrations, Salto access system, HID access cards readers and Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator as a partner for access system user management structure.

Spaceflow virtual access card

SmartScore launched with 70 buildings in seven countries and 44 landlords committed to getting certified. This includes our client Allianz and others like British Land, Nuveen and Legal & General. Talk to us about how we can support your smart building needs or how we can help create a more tenant-centric environment. We work with clients of all building types, sizes, and needs.

Edited by Logan Nagel

29. June 2021
9 minutes read


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