This agreement tells applicants how to join the Spaceflow affiliate program (“Program”) and what the rules are. In this agreement, you are called an "Affiliate." "Spaceflow" in this agreement means the company Spaceflow s.r.o. with its registered seat at Italska 2581/67, 120 00 Prague, ID: 051 84 142, which was founded and is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, with whom the Affiliate is entering into this agreement. By signing up for the Spaceflow affiliate program, the Affiliate indicates that has read the agreement and agrees to the terms and conditions below:

Successful referral:

To be considered a “Successful Referral, all of the following conditions must be met simultaneously:

  • Net new clients that sign a minimum 3-month contract ("Contract") with us. This applies to the first contract with the Net new Client.
  • A "Net new Client" shall mean a real estate landlord or operator who has not previously engaged in business with Spaceflow or its associated partners. Additionally, the Net new Client cannot be an entity that is currently engaged with Spaceflow in pending pre-sale or sale negotiations.
  • The Net new Client confirms that Affiliate’s referral led to the Contract ("Confirmation").
  • Fulfilling the other conditions below.


A reward in the form of the Voucher is a one-time payment that may be received for each first new Contract with one Net new client. Spaceflow will deliver the Voucher to the Affiliate in 30 days following the execution of the Contract and receipt of the Confirmation (both conditions must be met).

Usage and Obligations:

The Affiliate may not identify itself as Spaceflow employee, contractor or associated party or market Spaceflow products directly. The Affiliate cannot bid on advertising using Spaceflow's keywords or misrepresent Spaceflow's identity or relationship with the Affiliate.

The Affiliate may not send unsolicited emails. Spaceflow's reputation and legal issues may ensue from violating these rules.

No self-referral:

Self-referrals are not considered as Successful Referrals; The Affiliate cannot refer to the company for which they work. The Program offers rewards for referring other real estate firms.


Spaceflow retains the right to amend any of the Program's terms and conditions at any time and for any reason deemed necessary. These updates may include alterations to the sorts of rewards provided, the frequency and quantity of payouts, and the Program's restrictions. Spaceflow is not responsible for any modifications, terminations, or partial terminations of the terms and conditions.

Governing Law and Court

These terms shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic, without regard to their conflict of laws rules. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to these terms are to be settled by negotiation, or else by a common court in the Czech Republic.

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